Sector Expertise

Real Estate & Tourism

We advise clients on the tax aspects of the acquisition, ownership, exploitation and disposal of real estate property. Our pieces of advice may indicatively pertain to: the benefits, requirements and limitations connected with the exploitation of properties through a leasing digital platform; the identification of appropriate legal structures and tax treatment of real estate development projects, including treatment of the input VAT on construction works incurred by the lessee Vs. the lessor and treatment of the cost of improvements and additions in leased properties for both the lessor and the lessee; quantification of income tax, transaction tax and property ownership tax costs as well as of available tax amortization savings and the impact of debt interest deductibility restrictions in connection with the replenishment of the property’s business financial model; the tax treatment and operation requirements of REITs and REICs in Greece.

Our advice extends to the identification of investment incentives relating to various real estate development projects, including the development of properties in the tourism sector.