Focus Areas

Transfer Pricing

In transfer pricing KARAKITIS TAX & LAW offers to test the appropriateness of your transfer pricing documentation file towards the applicable national transfer pricing rules and international developments followed by Greece. Alternatively, the firm may help you with the design of a robust transfer pricing strategy and manage its effective roll-out.

Changes in the local operations and business risk profile of the local group entity (so called: “business restructurings”) may necessitate the determination of an appropriate transfer pricing consideration. Moreover, the law requires that such changes and their transfer pricing treatment must be sufficiently explained in the transfer pricing file. KARAKITIS TAX & LAW helps you determine how to properly respond to this requirement.

What is critical for transfer pricing in the post BEPS project era is the structure of the cross-border value chain. KARAKITIS TAX & LAW helps you perform or test your value chain analysis and align accordingly your intercompany transactions.