Focus Areas

Tax Controversy

Whether you are facing the queries of a tax auditor or you have just been notified of the tax audit findings, KARAKITIS TAX & LAW helps you check the validity of the tax auditor’s claims and prepare the appropriate defense strategy, including the drafting of the administrative appeal.

In recent years, Greece has adopted certain international best practices for the prevention and the alternative resolution of tax disputes, namely: the Advance Pricing Arrangement (APA), enabling the upfront validation by the tax authorities of the transfer pricing methodology, based on pre-agreed critical assumptions, and the Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) for the elimination of double taxation caused by a tax assessment in a cross-border context.

KARAKITIS TAX & LAW can help you determine the pros and cons of engaging in an APA and support you with: the pre-filing consultation, the preparation of the APA file and the relevant communications.

In relation to MAP, the firm can advise you how to take advantage of this dispute resolution instrument and combine it, in your defense strategy, with national court remedies. Eventually, the firm can support you with the drafting of the detailed MAP request to the Competent Authority and represent you in any consultation required.