Greek Government enacts extended legal remedies against defective tax assessments and introduces incentives for e-invoices

New Law 4701/2020, which was promulgated on 30.06.2020 on the Government’s Gazette, provides to taxpayers a renewed opportunity, including the use of the relevant legal remedies, to: (i) challenge, for certain reasons, defective tax assessments, even when the statutory deadline to do so has passed. This is limited to  tax assessments issued in 2019 onwards; (ii) question, on the basis of the new wording of the relevant law provision,  their joint liability for tax or social security debts of the company in which they serve or have served as its legal representatives. Furthermore it introduces tax incentives for assigning to licensed providers the issue of e-invoices. In addition, it extends to the end of 2020 the possibility for constructors to request the suspension from the VAT regime of their supplies of new buildings (i.e. buildings with a construction permit issued in 2006 onwards and supplied before their first occupation). Finally, it extends to 2020 the application of the discount from the real estare ownership, which was originally applied for 2019 only, and the exclusion of the value of plots of land located outside the urban planning zones from the basis of calculation of the same tax, as it had been  the case until 2019.

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